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3PA Assist in Production of New Pokito Cup

Pokito is a brand new pocket-sized, reusable cup. Andrew Brookes, owner and inventor of the product and brand Pokito was introduced to 3PA via a customer who specialises in prototype work.

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HotSeat – Dave Evans, Owner and Managing Director at 3PA

3PA are a UK supplier of plastics processing machinery and equipment with a portfolio full of high-quality brands, such as Motan Colortronic, GDK, and Plasdan. The company was founded by Dave Evans in 2005. Dave […]

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3PA Design and Build Innovative and Unique Conveyor System

3PA Ltd were tasked with designing, building and installing an innovative and unique conveyor system for a large distribution warehouse.

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Plastics Industry Tells Politicians – We Don’t Want a No-deal Brexit

The British plastics industry has delivered a clear message to UK political leaders and British Prime Minister Theresa May in particular that they do not want a no-deal Brexit outcome to current debates.

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Caledonian Plastics Take Delivery of Second GDK Blow Moulding Machine

Caledonian Plastics have taken delivery of their second GDK All-Electric Blow Moulding Machine, a GM5001. The machine has been delivered and commissioned at their site in Sheffield.

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