3D-Fuel Announces New Lower Pricing in European Market

Manufacturer of 3D printer filaments 3D-Fuel has lowered the price on all of its Polylactic Acid (PLA) products, including Standard PLA, Pro PLA and EasiPrint PLA filaments, for its European customers.

Since 2014, 3D-Fuel has produced high-quality 3D printing filament using a variety of materials in order to meet the ever-growing demand from hobbyists and industrial users alike. With a focus on 3D printing filament, 3D-Fuel produces some 20 different types of filaments in over 40 colours, blends, and composites.

3D-Fuel has developed two exclusive PLA blends: EasiPrint, targeted at schools and those demanding a turn-key printing experience, and Pro PLA, a smooth printing filament with impact and temperature resistance characteristics similar to ABS. 3D-Fuel uses NatureWorks Ingeo PLA resin for its Standard and Pro PLA filaments.

Effective as of November 2021, 3D-Fuel has lowered its PLA pricing for its European customers. The new lower pricing structure comes at a time when most filament suppliers are raising prices amid ever-shrinking product availability. 3D-Fuel Standard PLA filament starts at €20 per kg spool and 3D-Fuel’s signature Pro PLA starts at €24 per kg (all prices excluding VAT). 3D-Fuel offers further discounts for large quantity filament orders.

Additionally, 3D-Fuel now offers free standard shipping to Ireland and the United Kingdom for orders greater than €40. 3D-Fuel is doing this without any change to its proven formulation, packaging, or product quality.

3D-Fuel has production operations in Moville, Ireland and Fargo, North Dakota, USA. When compared to competitors, the company is uniquely positioned to deliver filament without reliance on supply chains located in the Far East. These locations allow the company to supply filament to customers in Europe and the United States more rapidly than most.

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