Plumbs Up as 3PA Successfully Delivers Conveyors in Covid Era

Plastic processing machinery supplier 3PA has now made and delivered around 30 swan neck conveyors for a large plumbing products company that has invested upwards of £50 million in new manufacturing equipment over the last two years to meet demand in the UK.

Founded by Dave Evans in 2005, 3PA is a UK supplier of plastics processing machinery and equipment with a portfolio full of high-quality brands, such as Motan Colortronic, GDK, and Plasdan.

3PA is the preferred supplier to the plumbing products company for conveyors and other equipment via Motan Colortronic, which 3PA represents in the South West. The conveyors of which 3PA designs and manufactures itself and supplies direct.

The customer sends 3PA the machine drawings, and 3PA designs the through machine conveyors to be as close to the machines as possible, making sure it increases the footprint of the machine and conveyor by the minimum amount. The design is then signed off as acceptable, and then 3PA goes into manufacture.

3PA Conveyor Systems
The plumbing sector has been investing heavily not merely in new moulding machines as shown here but in new UK manufactured made-to-measure conveyors to accompany them

3PA offers additional options like a switched signal for stop/start, reject reverse, divert chute for start-up scrap, as well as integrated supply plug-in options for additional equipment like sprue separation, box filling devices, weigh stations, and machine/conveyor docking stations, etc.

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