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Great Central Plastics are UK plastics manufacturers specialising in creating bespoke injection moulded products. AO has issued a fantastic method that utilises the material from scrapped white goods, that we can turn into new products.

Before AO got involved, millions of fridges were disposed of incorrectly, resulting in the release of dangerous CFC gases that causes damage to the ozone layer. Damage caused to the ozone layer directly impacts climate change and harms our environment. As a UK plastic manufacturer, Great Central Plastics have been eco-conscious for over a decade and continue improving aspects of its plastic moulding facility. The recycled fridge material is just one example of the many eco-friendly plastics they offer their clients for their plastic moulding projects.

In 2017 and 2018, the UK alone released over 400,00 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere from the improper disposal of fridges. This equates to the same CO2 level as 100,000 family cars! AO’s facility allows for white goods to be disposed of properly and turned into reusable material for plastic manufacturers to turn into more plastic moulding products.

As you can probably guess, the material supplied by AO comes in white in its natural state, making it perfect for digital printing and creating unique eco-friendly merchandise for clients.

Recycled goods at a glance:
  • UK sourced
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal for branding
  • Recyclable in closed loops

Recycled white goods are a great alternative to HIPS. This material doesn’t have food-grade approval when used in plastic moulded products. The recycled white goods material is perfect for digital printing as it’s supplied in white – here are some examples of products utilising this material:

  • Bespoke plastic moulded white fittings that, depending on strength requirements, could be moulded in recycled white goods material for eco credentials.
  • A strong and simple design for a generic tray that can be branded if required.
  • A bespoke plastic moulded product where the base can be moulded in a recycled white goods material to be digitally printed.

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