AC Plastics Embraces Employee Ownership and Secures its Future

AC Plastics Embraces Employee Ownership and Secures its Future

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In a landmark move to safeguard the company’s future and prioritise its workforce, Liverpool-based injection moulder AC Plastics is delighted to announce its transition to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). Finalised towards the end of last year, this strategic shift marks a significant chapter in the firm’s history, showcasing a profound commitment to its staff and the enduring success of the business.

Under its previous ownership, AC Plastics has established itself as a leading innovator in the manufacture of injection moulded parts, celebrated for its superior-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction. The decision to transition to an EOT was motivated by a desire to ensure continuity and stability for employees and clients alike, positioning employee ownership as the best route to preserve the company’s legacy and ethos.

This move to an EOT underscores AC Plastics’ progressive outlook and its belief in the impact of employee ownership on fostering innovation, boosting motivation, and guaranteeing a stable future. Entrusting the company’s destiny to its dedicated employees not only secures its heritage but also redefines industry standards.

Coinciding with this transition, AC Plastics is thrilled to welcome three new Directors to its board. After 19 years with the company, Martin Gough (pictured top left) has now become Sales Director, David Powell steps up as Operations Director (pictured top right), and David McGuire assumes the role of Finance Director.

Martin commented:

“Transitioning to an Employee Ownership Trust is a brilliant milestone for AC Plastics and a bold step towards a future where every employee has a stake in our success. This move reflects our belief in the collective power of our team to drive innovation, enhance customer satisfaction, and steer the company towards new heights.

“As Sales Director, having progressed within the company over many years, I’m invigorated by the opportunity to deepen our commitment to a culture where everyone’s contribution is valued and important to our collective achievement. Together, we’re not just safeguarding the legacy of AC Plastics; we’re embracing a future of shared success.”

Adopting the EOT model reflects AC Plastics’ recognition of its employees’ invaluable contributions and reaffirms its dedication to core values and objectives. As AC Plastics embarks on this exciting journey, it remains committed to nurturing a culture of cooperation, quality, and customer service, ensuring it continues to lead in the plastics industry for many years to come.

For more information about AC Plastics, please contact Martin Gough on or 0151 489 8409.

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