ISO 14001:2015 Accreditation for Plastic Supplies Dudley

Plastic Supplies Dudley Ltd are proud to announce that they have achieved accreditation for ISO14001:2015 environmental standard.

ISO14001 is an internationally recognised standard for environmental management which covers all areas of the business from production through to energy saving. The aim is to achieve a cleaner, more efficient business, all while reducing costs.

Some examples of what they have done recently within the business to help achieve this are:

  • Machine side granulators on the majority of machines so any waste can automatically be ground up and reused in the next shot.
  • Anything that can not be granulated by the machine, is either done on our larger stand-alone granulator, or sent off to a recycling company to be reused elsewhere.
  • Changing company vehicles to fully electric cars, with a charging point fitted at the factory.
  • Lights within factory are changed to LEDs, which are cheaper to run, and last a lot longer than standard bulbs.
  • Majority of machines in the factory are 5 years old or less. The new machines are a lot more efficient than the older ones.
  • Put recycling bins in place so that all scrap cardboard can be recycled.
  • Majority of material used on site is reprocessed material. This is a recycled material that has been re-pelletised and possibly added fresh glass to increase strength.

Plastic Supplies Dudley are always looking at more ways in which they can help the environment and are always willing to take feedback from their customers if they think that they can improve in any way.

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