ALBIS and SK Chemicals Enter into Strategic Partnership

ALBIS and SK Chemicals Enter into Strategic Partnership

ALBIS has announced that it is now a distribution partner for SK Chemicals, a leading global provider of environmentally friendly material solutions and holistic medical products. The cooperation covers the entire copolyester portfolio in all market segments in the EMEA region. ALBIS also exclusively sells ECOTRAN® PPS brand products.

Horst Klink, CEO of ALBIS, said:

We are very pleased about the trust placed in us. The materials from SK Chemicals complement our product portfolio perfectly. With this partnership, we are strengthening our claim to offer our customers a complete range and now advise them even better on the path to sustainability.”

KS Park, Managing Director of SK Chemicals GmbH, added:

In the past, ALBIS has proven that the company has excellent access to the market, particularly in the EMEA region, and can advise and support customers with its impressive technical expertise. We are delighted to start a cooperation that is in line with our philosophy and corporate strategy with ALBIS, a well-known and committed partner. We look forward to working together because there is a global trend toward environmental awareness.”

The copolyester portfolio includes a wide range of products that meet the world’s highest technological standards through continuous development and innovation:

SKYPLETE® is a product line of environmentally-friendly and high-performance thermoplastic materials developed for applications in the 3D printing industry.

The SKYGREEN® product range consists of amorphous high-performance PETG/PCTG resins with exceptionally high transparency, chemical resistance and good workability. The four unique product types available make SKYGREEN® an ideal product for a wide range of applications thanks to its outstanding properties.

SKYPET® is a highly functional, slowly crystallising PET material that contributes to achieving an optimal crystallisation rate by modifying the CHDM content. It offers excellent transparency, high chemical resistance and elasticity. Modification creates lower melting temperatures, resulting in shorter throughput times. SKYPET® is certified as a 100% recyclable material.

ECOZEN® is the world’s first transparent bio-modified copolyester with a proportion of renewable and bio-based monomers. The innovative formulation not only supports reduction of the CO2 footprint and the promotion of sustainable solutions but is also suitable for applications with higher requirements with regards to temperature resistance and impact resistance, which require glass-like transparency and bisphenol-free formulation.

ECOTRIA® is an environmentally friendly, transparent copolyester material consisting of bio-modified raw materials and a 30% PCR content (post-consumer recycled) and is 100% recyclable in the PET recycling cycle. Ecotrial materials with higher PCR content are under development. Despite the proportion of PCR material, transparency and color are excellent. The slow crystallisation rate enables the manufacture of thick-walled vessels without a loss of transparency.

ECOTRAN® is the world’s first chlorine-free polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). In contrast to conventional PPS production, the innovative polymerization process does not require solvents. Because there is no production of by-products such as sodium chloride, it can offer PPS compounds with high purity and low outgassing. ECOTRAN® PPS is halogen-free according to industry standards and complies with the UL94 V-0 standard without using a flame-retardant additive.

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