ALBIS Distributes New Sustainable LowPCF Portfolio from BASF

ALBIS Distributes New Sustainable LowPCF Portfolio from BASF

ALBIS is expanding its comprehensive portfolio of sustainable solutions to include engineering plastics from BASF’s new lowPCF product portfolio (low Product Carbon Footprint). These are products whose physical and chemical properties are identical to tried-and-tested fossil-based solutions, but at the same time, have at least a 30% lower CO2 footprint and work as drop-in solutions.

As part of the close cooperation between the long-standing partners, BASF recently presented the new portfolio in the webinar series organized by ALBIS on current sustainable materials, “Walk on the green side of life”.

The carbon footprint of the lowPCF Ultramid® A, Ultramid® B, Ultradur® and Ultraform® products is reduced by at least 30% through the use of biomethane or bio-naphtha substituting fossil raw materials at the beginning of the value chain and attributed to the products by the certified mass balance approach. Moreover, the production is making use of electricity from renewable sources at those BASF sites where it is available. BASF is currently working on further emission-reducing measures to improve the product carbon footprint of these material solutions even more in the future.

The lowPCF portfolio is ideally suited as a fossil-resource-saving alternative in all application areas of their fossil-based counterparts, because the chemical and physical properties of the products remain unchanged. The renewable raw materials used are certified as sustainable feedstock according to internationally recognized standards REDcert2 and ISCC PLUS (Ultraform®).

“Responsible production of plastics contributes to shaping a more sustainable future, together with our customers and partners. Our lowPCF portfolio enters the stage as one of BASF’s key measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain,” says Wiebke Speckels, Sustainability Manager Industrial Performance Materials Europe at BASF. “We are pleased that these sustainable alternatives are reaching even more companies thanks to our trusted partner ALBIS.”

“With lowPCF, BASF is showing clearly that a sustainable future starts at product level,” says Tony Harrison, Senior Director Technical Service & Application Development. “The brands are a valuable addition to our world-leading portfolio and strengthen our capabilities in supporting our customers on their journey towards more sustainable applications.”

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