ALS User Meeting 2023: Digitalisation in Manufacturing is Picking Up Speed

On 22 and 23 November 2023, Arburg hosted its renowned event dedicated to the Arburg host computer system ALS, extending over two days for the first time. Around 170 participants came to Lossburg. The “Digitalisation Info Day” was aimed at anyone interested in entering the world of digital injection moulding production. On the second day, the ALS experts shared their experiences using the host computer system in their production processes and applications.

In addition to specialist presentations by Arburg, ALS customers and partners, there was ample opportunity to experience the wide range of digital products and services from Arburg and its partners first-hand and learn more about ALS’s innovations, potential and added value. The participants also made good use of the opportunity to network.

“We are delighted that you have come to Lossburg, even though the focus is specifically on software and not, as usual, on machines and robotic systems, i.e. hardware,”
Said Andreas Reich, Arburg Vice President of Central Sales & Applied Technologies, welcoming the guests.
“Alongside the shortage of skilled workers and energy costs, our customers are currently focussing on digitalisation and automation in production. We offer extensive expertise and important leverage in all four areas, as recently demonstrated with arburgSOLUTIONworld’ at Fakuma 2023.”

Exciting Digitalisation Info Day

Stephan Reich, Vice President of Global IT & Digital Services, gave an overview of the digital products and services of the ArburgXworld programme and emphasised:
“Our digital product portfolio is an essential part of arburgSOLUTIONworld. This demonstrates that Arburg is a competent solution provider beyond injection moulding machines and automation.”

In addition to the ALS host computer system for “Smart Production” (on-premise), the digital ArburgXworld includes, for example, the ArburgXworld customer portal for “Smart Services” (on cloud) that can be networked with it as well as the Gestica control system and connectivity for the “Smart Machine” (on edge).

For potential new users of digitalisation, Markus Widmaier from the Digital Industrial Solutions Support team explained in a very descriptive way what specific benefits and added value workers, planners and managers can generate with the help of ALS, for example, in terms of reproducible product quality, simplified production planning and greater transparency. The Arburg ALS team also presented the new features of the host computer and customer portal.

Some selected ALS customers spoke about the customer benefits that can be obtained through digital manufacturing. One highlight was the keynote speech by Nissrin Perez from Fraunhofer IOSB-INA, who has extensive expertise in the “Smart E-Factory” field. Presentations by partners and live demonstrations rounded off the programme before some ALS key-account customers joined for dinner and networking in the evening.

ALS User Meeting with Lively Discussions

The next day also revolved around digitalisation, tapping into new potential and increasing production and energy efficiency. The ALS experts delved deeper into the topic of the host computer system. Speakers from renowned companies such as Behringer, Fischer and Röchling reported on how they use ALS specifically for validation processes and traceability, for example, how they also integrate external machines and peripherals into the central tool, increase OEE key figures by up to 30 per cent, network their production sites worldwide and create transparency with a mobile dashboard.

This was followed by many discussions and a lively exchange

“We received tremendously positive feedback from the participants. Everyone felt that they were in good hands with us and were able to obtain personalised information and advice beyond the presentations,”
Summarised Peter Kowalewski, Head of IT Digital Industrial Solutions, who moderated the event. “We also took away valuable suggestions and ideas and will use these as a basis to expand and further develop our host computer system with the customer in mind.”

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