Amey’s Waste Management Site See 70% Improvement in Bale Weight with New Kadant PAAL KONTI J Baler

Following the installation of a new PAAL KONTI J Baler, Amey’s Waterbeach Waste Management Park in Cambridge has seen significant improvements in its waste management operation due to the KONTI J’s ability to produce highly dense and efficient waste bales.

Ameys Waterbeach Waste Management in Cambridge is responsible for treating the waste produced by Cambridge residents. They use various waste sorting and composting technologies at the Waterbeach site. Due to the increase in waste quantities, Amey wanted to upgrade their 10-year-old baler and sought advice from market leaders Kadant PAAL.

The customer opted for PAAL KONTI J 275 with 55kW with the XL channel – the new baler had the same pressing force as the previous baler. Still, the latest technology in the pantograph with the addition of the XL channel allowed for an increase in pressing power, which increased the bale weights. Improving the bale density and weight helped Amey reduce their storage space, reduce their wire consumption, reduce their energy consumption per ton baled, and reduce the number of trucks required for their shipments. With the overall benefit of reducing their operating costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

Amey reported that they saw a 23% increase in their bale weight for paper and a staggering 70% increase in bale weights for all their plastics (PET/ HDPE/ PP/ Mixed Plastic).

The KONTI J is class-leading in the waste management sector. Kadant Paal serves the UK, European, and World markets and could help your company improve its waste management. To get in touch with Kadant PAAL to discuss, please contact on Tel: +44 (0) 1773 520565 or email

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