Ampacet BIORANGE of Environmentally-Friendly Masterbatches for Compostable Bioplastics and Biodegradable Applications

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced its BIORANGE masterbatches, enabling end-use plastics made of compostable polymers to be completely composted in an industrial compost facility.

The BIORANGE masterbatches, part of Ampacet’s sustainable product offerings, compatible with the EN13432 composting standard, are designed for use in compostable end articles, supporting the protection of the environment from traditional plastics pollution.

Biodegradable end products made of compostable polymers and Ampacet’s BIORANGE masterbatches can be mixed with organic wastes, thereby enabling an end-of-life via industrial composting.

In recent years, numerous countries have introduced legislation restricting the sale of lightweight plastic bags in order to reduce littering and plastic pollution.  If not disposed of properly, traditional plastic bags can pollute waterways, clog sewers, affect soil and plant life and disrupt the habitat of animals and marine life.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues, and brand owners are investing in sustainability policies and programs to promote a sustainable image in the marketplace.

These changes have led to the development and increasing popularity of biodegradable, compostable plastics. These materials have gained progressively larger market shares in the categories of single-use lightweight bags as well as other non-durable applications and are considered to be a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics, unlike oxo-biodegradable solutions.

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