Ampacet Receives COTREP Certification for NIR-sortable REC-NIR-BLACK

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has obtained COTREP certification for its NIR-sortable black masterbatch REC-NIR-BLACK PE 302 (1900302-E) for use in PP rigid packaging applications.

In 2019, Ampacet received certification from COTREP for REC-NIR-BLACK 1900302-EA and 4900147-E.

Following COTREP protocols, recycling solutions companies Pellenc ST and Tomra have performed successful dynamic NIR sorting tests on black PP trays containing 6% of REC-NIR-BLACK PE 302.  Tests showed that rigid packaging formulated with up to 6% of Ampacet REC-NIR-BLACK PE 302 can be detected by an NIR scan and are oriented towards PP flow with the same sorting performance, including quality and percentage of detection, as other PP household rigid packaging materials. Ampacet REC-NIR-BLACK PE 302 (1900302-E) is also suitable for NIR-sorting of PE rigid packaging for return into the PE recycling stream.

Philippe Hugelé, Ampacet Strategic Business Manager (Moulding), said:

Ampacet REC-NIR-BLACK masterbatches allow companies to use black packaging on the French market without incurring the malus tax (10% for 2020) applied on top of the Ecotax, as set by CITEO, France. Ampacet REC-NIR-BLACK masterbatches provide a significant contribution to the recyclability of black plastic waste and help to support the circular economy.”

Part of R3 Sustainable Solutions, Ampacet’s mission to develop new and innovative products that help to protect our environment, REC-NIR-BLACK was named a Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019 winner in the category of Product Technology Innovation of the Year.

Most black packaging contains carbon black, the most commonly-used black pigment, and cannot be sorted by recycling companies. Carbon black absorbs a significant part of the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, preventing the reflection of infrared light back to the sensor and consequently blocking the recognition of the resin’s fingerprint by an NIR scan. Most black plastic packaging can only be disposed of in a landfill or used for energy recovery. Packaging using Ampacet’s NIR-detectable black masterbatch products, however, can be scanned by near-infrared technology for automated sorting in recovery facilities. This technology enables the reuse and recycling of black packaging and allows recyclers to valorise this waste.

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