AMUT Recycling Technology Chosen for Project Down Under

AMUT is pleased to announce that its Ecotech division will design and supply an advanced plastics recycling plant for the largest post-consumer polyethylene recycling facility, converting locally collected kerbside materials into high-quality food-grade rHDPE and rPP resin, in Australia.

AMUT has been selected as turn-key supplier for Pact Group and Cleanaway “Choir” new project, including a new plastic waste recycling plant in Victoria, which will trade the material produced as Circular Plastic Australia, to supply the PRF (Plastic Recovery Facility) and two washing lines for PE post-consumer.

The PRF fed in bales from an existing MRF will treat a stream of mixed plastic bottles in different polymers and colours, pots, trays, non-packaging plastics, and ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The plant is expected to process 20,000 Tpa up to 24,000 Tpa; the PRF will sort out valuable materials such as:

  • Natural colour HDPE containers
  • Coloured HDPE containers
  • PP containers

These materials selected from the PRF and stored in separate buffers will be properly and automatically dosed to two washing lines. The first one has an output of 2,000 kg/h dedicated to natural colour HDPE containers, and the second one with the same output dedicated to colour HDPE or PP containers. In case of needs, both washing lines can process natural colour HDPE for food-grade application.

The AMUT washing lines are equipped with the best technical solutions to guarantee the high purity of the final PE flakes and, in particular, the perfect removal of organic and inorganic contaminants and separation of PSA labels and glue. In addition, a double stage friction washing system completes the delivery, as did for the country’s largest PET recycling facility in Albury, where AMUT supplied the post-consumer PET bottle sorting and washing line, along with the final polymer and colour flake detector. These highly automated washing lines ensure extremely low operational costs with reduced power and water consumption.

The plant is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2022.

Commercial Director Giovanni Cattaneo said: “We see many opportunities for AMUT advanced technologies in recycling applications. AMUT is recognised worldwide for its high-performance, reliable PRF and washing lines that are well suited to divert thousands of tons of plastic from landfill or prevent its dispersion to the oceans each year, significantly reducing environmental impact.

Our recycling technology plays a key role in converting post-consumer plastics into a valuable resource, and we are really excited to contribute again in a new plastic circular economy project in Australia, where we are currently completing the Duet Project, another milestone towards Australia’s transition to a circular economy.”

To find out more about AMUT and its Ecotech division, visit

+44 (0)844 6933225

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