Arburg Senior Partner Eugen Hehl Passed Away

On 12 December 2023, Eugen Hehl, Senior Partner of Arburg GmbH + Co KG, passed away at the age of 94. In addition to his entrepreneurial vision, the trained master mechanic was recognised above all for his services to the development of global sales at Arburg and the company’s construction infrastructure, as well as his strong social commitment to and in the region. The family-owned company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic processing machines.

As Chairman of the Management Team for many years and responsible for global sales at Arburg, Eugen Hehl played a vital role in the company’s global success. Technically trained but with a keen instinct for sales in particular, he played a decisive role in shaping the family business for more than seven decades in cordial cooperation with his brother Karl, who passed away in 2010. He gave the company an unmistakable profile worldwide with his ideas and solutions regarding construction. As Managing Partner, Eugen Hehl played a vital role in the global success of the family company as the “master builder of the company“.

Global Sales Structures Established

In 1951, Eugen Hehl began to build up his own, initially regional, sales structures by travelling extensively. As early as 1957, he raised the company’s sales to an international level by participating in the first trade fair in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Eugen Hehl pursued committed visions throughout his life. As early as 1962, he travelled to Japan and the USA to boost machine sales further.

With a love of detail and determination, the ambitious hunter, morning fitness enthusiast and tea drinker also implemented the construction activities at the main plant. They successfully established Arburg subsidiaries worldwide from the beginning. With foresight, he had buildings in Lossburg that were between two and four years old partially demolished in 1966 to enable what is known as grid construction and thus improved future expansion alternatives on the company premises. Many Arburg subsidiaries worldwide resemble the headquarters regarding their exterior design and are, therefore, clearly recognisable.

Strong social commitment

At Arburg, in his hometown, Lossburg and far beyond the region, Eugen Hehl was held in high esteem personally and professionally. Together with his brother Karl, Eugen Hehl was also known for his strong social commitment. The two had the Gebrüder Hehl Foundation established in Lossburg, which officially began work in 1999. The retirement home operated by “Bruderhaus-Diakonie,” a non-profit Christian diaconal foundation in Baden-Württemberg, is open to older people for assisted living and short-term and elderly care. Eugen Hehl was also active in the church, including in the church choir of the Lossburg parish.

Outstanding Achievements

In November 2000, the Federal Republic of Germany honoured Eugen Hehl with the Federal Cross of Merit for his achievements. The company also received the Baden-Württemberg Business Medal in 1990 and the Baden-Württemberg Competence Award for Innovation and Quality in 2015. Further awards included honorary citizenship of the municipality of Lossburg in November 1997 and the Golden Master Craftsman’s Certificate in 2005. The American Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) presented Eugen and Karl Hehl with the Business Management Award in 2007 for their joint life’s work. Eugen Hehl was inducted into the “Plastics Hall of Fame” in 2015 for his life’s work. In 2020, the senior partner received the Richard Vieweg Medal of Honour, the Association of German Engineers (VDI) award’s highest award.

In Eugen Hehl, Arburg and the entire industry have lost a down-to-earth and success-orientated person, entrepreneur and pioneer. The Managing Partners, in particular, his two children Juliane and Michael Hehl, who, together with their cousin Renate Keinath, currently manage the company in the third generation; the Managing Directors and all employees will remember him with honour and gratitude.

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