Arburg Takes on All Students and Trainees

On December 1, 36 trainees and students of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) were officially released from their training obligations at Arburg and taken on as permanent employees. 

Managing Partner Renate Keinath praised the performance of the graduates and thanked the trainers for their commitment. In her speech, she said:

All of you are nowfully-fledgedemployees of our company. You are the ones who will help shape the future of Arburg. Besides mastering digital lessons and exams, you have acquired additional skills for your future professional life with the digitalisation at Arburg.”

On behalf of the entire Arburg management team, Renate Keinath congratulated the 36 former trainees and students on successfully passing their final examinations and presented 23 of them with an award. Renate Keinath also honoured three graduates with special awards: Christian Ober graduated with the best grade of the year in mechanical engineering, specialising in design and development, Daniel Seeger received a dream grade of 1.0 for his dissertation for a Bachelor of Engineering in mechatronics; and Florian Willer completed his oral examination to qualify as an industrial clerk with the top grade of 100 points.

In his speech, Head of Apprenticeship Michael Vieth offered his advice. He said: “Stay flexible, stay mobile and stay brave. Don’t work like leaf blowers and move problems somewhere elsebecome problem solvers yourself.”

There was also a look back at the first week of training where Michael Vieth handed over the letters that the trainees and students had written to themselves when they were starting out, describing their expectations.

On behalf of all the graduates, Lucas Finkbeiner, an apprenticed industrial clerk, thanked Renate Keinath for “the superb apprenticeship and all the opportunities here at Arburg.”

As there are fewer and fewer really good qualified personnel, excellent apprenticeship at Arburg is very important to us,” said Renate Keinath, adding that it was not only the excellent grades achieved by graduates that showed that the strategy was working.

The company is now planning for the future, with more than 100 young people starting their careers with Arburg in September 2022. With places still available, interested parties can apply for dual study courses in computer science and electrical engineering and apprenticeships in construction and process mechanics at

(0) 19 26 45 70 00

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