arburgXvision: Arburg Reports on Eleventh Show

arburgXvision: Arburg Reports on Eleventh Show

Arburg went live with its eleventh arburgXvision broadcast on 17 February, which saw a panel of experts discuss supply chains with host Guido Marschall. The broadcast captured the attention of around 1,250 people.

On Thursday, 17 February 2022, Arburg continued its successful interactive digital format arburgXvision with a new highlight.

‘Supply chain with tenacity – secure supply chains as a strategic advantage’ was the main topic discussed by top-class experts Guido Frohnhaus (Arburg Managing Director of Technology & Engineering), Werner Faulhaber (Arburg Divisional Manager of Development), and Stefan Schrauf (Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers Germany – PwC). Ralf Felisoni (Head of Procurement) then explained to the audience what makes Arburg unique – namely the high in-house production capacity, the large internal network and stable supply chains.

Around 1,250 people tuned into the eleventh broadcast live via and social media. Then, in true arburgXvision style, it was also made available in the media library. In the follow-up (as of 21.02.2022), about 1,400 interested parties took the opportunity to view the broadcast on the event website or through social media.

This exceptional response shows that Arburg has hit the nail on the head with its choice of topics (the ultimate hot topic at present), the first-class experts and the new, more focused format. The one-hour, German-language programme features a discussion session in the Arburg studio with two company representatives and an external expert, along with an in-depth look at the company, offering exciting insights into practical applications. Viewers could also participate in the programme by asking questions.

Exciting survey results

The live survey results showed that the top subject of supply chains is a global issue: three-quarters of the participants said that they did not see supply chain disruptions as a short-term phenomenon. 45% currently rely on larger warehouses and 33% on multiple suppliers to resolve the issue. 96% of respondents confirmed that secure supply chains have great or very great potential. This is something Arburg has been successfully relying on for decades, combined with a high degree of in-house production capacity at the central development and production site in Lossburg.

Central development and production

The experts thoroughly discussed the advantages of Arburg’s strategy during the programme. “What we can do (better) ourselves, we better do ourselves,” was Guido Frohnaus’ mission statement. A global supply chain is optimised in regards to costs and time, but it breaks down quickly if one of the parties involved fails. Arburg therefore relies on local, stable supply chains and a high degree of in-house production in Lossburg. Some other important considerations are the fact that Arburg has remained loyal to its business partners for decades, practices active risk management and considers a complete cost analysis of the entire supply chain.

Flexible network under one roof

Ralf Felisoni explained how Arburg was able to ensure procurement and production during the difficult year of 2021, regardless of supply bottlenecks: “We can rely on our own large network and are able to work very flexibly with our colleagues from development, technical processing, assembly and production to find alternatives for components that are difficult or impossible to procure, and to plan and install these accordingly.”

Delivery capability and innovative strength

Werner Faulhaber used the example of the control system, which Arburg develops and builds itself, in order to explain this effectively in the discussion session. The in-house PCB manufacturing made it possible to react quickly and flexibly to supply bottlenecks with redesigns.

Having development and production under one roof is beneficial in terms of delivery capability and in terms of sustainable spare parts supply and innovative strength. One example of this is the powertrain, where the acquisition of AMKmotion brings everything together under the umbrella of the Arburg family, enabling the company to successfully drive developments forward.

Successful strategy

Stefan Schrauf reiterated the success of Arburg’s strategy, which provides the company with a key distinguishing feature. He went on to explain that the impact of COVID-19 is leading to a shift in supply chain priorities: “We are seeing a clear transition towards more regionalised, resilient and sustainable end-to-end supply chain solutions.”

Concentrated expert knowledge at all times

The episode on the subject of supply chains, like all previous ones, is freely available in the media library ( This means that anyone interested can find out about important topics in the plastics industry at any time. The date for the next live broadcast is 19 May 2022, from 2 pm to 3 pm.

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