arburgXvision: A Successful Premiere!

Hundreds of people from around the world tuned into arburgXvision, Arburgs new digital event format, last Thursday to watch and take part in “0 ppm production of plastic parts”.

On 28 January 2021, around 600 attendees from more than 30 countries seized the opportunity to find out all about the zero-fault production of plastic parts and participated in a two-hour, interactive, live event. Leading experts and Arburg’s Managing Directors Gerhard Boehm and Guido Frohnhaus appeared as guests in the company’s very own TV studio and there was also a live stream from the Customer Center in Lossburg. Guido Marschall from Plas.TV hosted the programme.

We are very satisfied with the launch of arburgXvision. The fact that we’ve received nothing but positive feedback on our unique internet format demonstrates that customers still want to stay in contact with us despite the current coronavirus situation,” states Dr. Christoph Schumacher, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Arburg, summing up the event. “Our digital theme days are first-rate events that provide clear added value in terms of knowledge transfer to a global audience – and all in an entertaining and compact format. To offer this live via the internet is certainly a huge technical challenge, but is ultimately what makes the event so special“, he adds.

Infotainment from leading experts

Around 600 attendees followed the premiere online. Gerhard Boehm, Managing Director of Sales and Service, and Guido Frohnhaus, Managing Director of Technology and Engineering, introduced the brand-new format from Arburg’s new TV studio that has been specially built for the theme days. They explained the key aspects of 0 ppm production and offered live responses to the audience’s questions. The programme also included two live streams from the Customer Center, from where Dr. Thomas Walther, Head of Application Technology, offered valuable tips directly from the production machines.

Know what it takes – how to reach the goal of “0 ppm”

Perfect production processes and first-class product quality are mutually dependent,” stated Gerhard Boehm with conviction and emphasised that quality has been in the company’s genes for almost 100 years. During the first expert discussion, Arburg’s Managing Director described how automation can eliminate human error, improve part quality, and achieve process reliability. As a technology and system partner, Arburg can take charge of all aspects of project management, from planning to commissioning, contributing its comprehensive expertise to deliver turnkey solutions on a joint basis with its partners, solutions that are technically and commercially matched perfectly to customer requirements. In this process, Arburg customers benefit from high-calibre machine technology and its high level of vertically integrated production in relation to its own controllers, MES and robot systems, and its in-depth know-how in the field of digitalisation.

The second part of the theme day focused on process control for zero-fault parts. “0 ppm is the virtually unattainable Holy Grail. But therein also lies the challenge,” emphasised Guido Frohnhaus. The Managing Director of Technology and Engineering demonstrated exactly what “smart” and digitally networked machines are capable of achieving – from reliably getting to grips with complex injection moulding tasks to implementing flexible processes with batches consisting of just one item. By way of example, he offered details on the “aXw Control ScrewPilot” and “aXw Control PressurePilot” assistance systems which provide regulated injection and deceleration.

Live demonstrations and interactive Q&A sessions

Live from the Customer Center, Dr. Thomas Walther presented a complex turnkey system that produced handles in hard/soft combinations for the safety doors of Allrounders. He showcased specific features that turn the injection moulding machine into a quality monitor for plastic part production. In this second practical example, a component of face masks was produced. Here, the application expert provided tips on how stable processes can be achieved and part quality increased by using the central machine controller and the “aXw Control PressurePilot.” During the digital theme day, the attendees were also keen to take advantage of the opportunity to ask further questions via chat.

Smart Allrounders and automated processes

What counts at the end of the day is not low price or high quality but instead the cost per unit. The central task of Arburg is to find the best solution and to facilitate reliable production processes. The two Managing Directors were certainly in agreement on this as they took part in the concluding summary with Guido Marschall. They were clear that optimum part quality and 0 ppm production can be achieved with the aid of “smart” Allrounders and automated processes and through Arburg’s ability to assist customers with comprehensive know-how.

Next arburgXvision programme on 25 February 2021

If you enjoyed this programme, or want to see what all the fuss is about, then you’ll be pleased to know that the next programme in the Arburg TV series will take place on 25 February 2021, from 2 to 4 p.m. The theme this time around will be “Producing plastic parts – (almost) without limits!”, where Arburg experts Oliver Giesen and Werner Faulhaber will be detailing practical ways of using production machines efficiently and increasing machine availability. In addition, viewers will again have the opportunity to ask questions in the TV studio. From the Arburg Training Center in Lossburg, Uwe Klumpp, Head of Product Training, will provide attendees with valuable tips directly from the Allrounder injection moulding machines.

If you would like to attend and stay up to date with the series, visit the website and complete the quick and easy one-time registration process for all programmes. Registration also includes access to the Media Center where all programmes will also be available to watch later on-demand shortly after the event has finished. “With arburgXvision, we want to achieve two things,” explains Dr. Christoph Schumacher: “Firstly, we want to provide high-quality, well-made infotainment – something that is urgently needed in our industry – and, secondly, we are aiming to offer a knowledge and information platform which customers, prospective customers and inquisitive minds alike can access and explore around the clock!

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