Bausano Launches New Retrofit Service

Extruder manufacturer Bausano is launching a new Retrofit program aimed at further extending the service life of its extruders of the previous generations. In this Q&A, Fabrizio Rampone explains who the new Retrofit service is dedicated to, which extruder components are involved, and its advantages.

An intervention that increases the efficiency and performance of the machines, also in terms of Industry 4.0, thereby guaranteeing access to 4.0 incentives when provided. Here, Fabrizio Rampone, Bausano’s After Sales Manager, delves deeper into the topic.

Fabrizio Rampone

Who is the new Retrofit service dedicated to?

Bausano’s Retrofit program mainly addresses manufacturers of plastic materials that have bought our extrusion lines between 2005 and 2010. However, it is also available for relatively more recent models that are not yet equipped with the latest electronic control and safety technologies provided for by the service. The aim is to adapt the systems to the new concept of a data-driven company where the machines are connected to each other and are able to collect and process data, from which to extract useful information to assess production processes.”

Which extruder components are involved?

The main characteristics of our extruders, designed from the very beginning to last over time, remain unchanged: the intervention targets the operator panel, which, as opposed to the mechanical parts such as screws, has a shorter service life. In addition, in the event of a breakdown after several years from commissioning, it is not always possible to find original spare parts. In detail, Bausano offers two types of intervention. On the one hand, it will be possible to replace the VEDO ML/DIGISTAR electronic control panel with the Digital Extruder Control 4.0, equipped with a 15 or 21-inch capacitive multitouch screen. A system designed to check and record the main process parameters. On the other hand, for an even more advanced integration, Bausano proposes the installation of Orquestra, the IIoT Data Manager that makes it possible to connect all machines present on-site in an enabling way with the corporate management systems and ensures continuous monitoring for intelligent diagnosis and predictive maintenance.”

What are the advantages?

One of the main benefits is the possibility of renewing your extruder at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Thanks to the experience we acquired in supporting our customers, we also identified other advantages, including increased production capacity. This way, the intervention pays for itself, thereby also extending the return on the original investment. Moreover, implementing retrofit programs means improving machine safety and reducing the reaction time of the control system while enhancing the ability to collect and store process data. In fact, the extruder is connected to the network, which makes it possible to also supervise the process remotely and to have all the data available in a centralised control system.”

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