Bausano Opens New Pipe Extrusion Design Unit

Extruder manufacturer Bausano is opening a brand new pipe extrusion design unit and inviting you to take a virtual look with a video released on Thursday, 31 March 2022.

The video event includes a visit to the new company spaces: the areas dedicated to research and development, training and production. The company will also demonstrate a new extrusion line based on Bausano’s world-renowned MD Twin-Screw Extruder producing 114mm pipes.

You can register for free on the Bausano website.

The pipe extrusion line design ensures:
• Proper polymer flow in the die head channels
• Proper mixing and homogenisation of polymer
• Adequate weight and compactness of design of the extrusion head
• Protection of the surfaces of the flow channels against aggressive impact of the melt

As well as in-house design, all the critical components of Bausano pipe extrusion lines are also manufactured in-house, including the die heads, screws, barrels and patented multi-drive gearbox.

On the agenda:

  • Bausano opens the doors to the future of PIPE extrusion introduced by Event Manager Yuri D’Agostino.
  • About the Bausano designers led by Giovanni Bausano, Head of Design Department.
  • New pipe die head generation presented by Mario Chiapetto, Pipe Head Designer.
  • Vacuum calibration and cooling tank Bausano technology hosted by Simone Reale, Pipe Downstream Designer.
  • 114mm pipe extrusion line demonstration on a Bausano extruder concluded by Extrusion Expert Christian Folino.

Looking to plan your next extrusion project?

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