Bausano Sponsor the European PVC Industry Summit 2022

The new European Green Deal, increasing production costs, directives on plastic waste and intermediaries are just some of the challenges faced by the PVC industry. Couple this with the projected growth of the European PVC market, and it is easy to see this is a time of extraordinary development for the industry. 

This year, extrusion specialists Bausano are proud to be sponsoring the ACI’s second edition of the European PVC Industry Summit, taking place in London, UK, on the 23rd & 24th November 2022. The summit will address these latest changes, as well as the excellent opportunities for the industry.

Bausano’s Export Manager for the UK and Ireland, Giorgio Critelli, will be speaking at the summit and will be joined by Paul Jones from Intelicare, Bausano’s partner in the UK and Ireland. Their topic of discussion will be the Recycling and Recovery methods of Post Industrial Plastic Scraps, which will help demonstrate how Bausano’s extrusion technology can make the concept of the circular economy a reality, rather than just a talking point. Critelli states, “In a context in which the regeneration of plastics plays an increasingly central role, making use of specifically designed solutions becomes an essential prerequisite in order to reap the maximum benefits“.

Bausano is an international leading player in the design and production of customised extrusion lines for the transformation of plastic materials in Pipes, granules, profiles, WPC or medical devices. For over 70 years the Bausano brand has been synonymous with the constant pursuit of quality. Bausano also owes its continuous growth to its strategic bases in Brazil and India, serving local markets, and a sales and technical branch in the United States.

During the summit, Bausano will present a complete and integrated solution that is the result of expertise that stands on the solid bases of valued engineering. The MD Nextmover Twin Screw Extruder is specifically designed with intermeshing and counter-rotating screws, that represent the heart of the Bausano twin screw. On-going experimentation and in-house research on new geometries and lengths foster a balanced compression ratio and boost the very efficacy of the extrusion process. Plus, Bausano, with its new Pipe design department, has recently launched a new series of in-house designed pipe extrusion die-heads. The latest addition is the double output die head for an even higher performance.
Additionally, Bausano E-GO single screw extruders for pipes and profiles are able to process a great number of polymers such as, for example, PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PMMA. The distinguishing characteristic of the range is the geometry of the screw with its custom design.

Bausano has also launched a range of Plastic Recycling Extruders. The Bausano E-GO R single screw and MD twin screw extrusion and pelletizing system are specialised and reliable systems, suitable to the recycling and re-pelletising job of plastic scrap of PVC and polyolefin.

This conference will bring together members across the whole value chain including senior executives from chemical companies, PVC production companies and PVC product manufacturers as well as plastic waste and recycling companies, regulators and government policy makers, and market consultants. If you want to join the discussion book your tickets here.

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