BEC Group Expands Bioplastics Offering for Plastic Injection Moulding

BEC Group has launched a new range of bioplastics to help its customers reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability. The bioplastics used in plastic injection moulded products possess many of the same properties as traditional thermoplastics.

BEC Group is a family-run, independent injection moulding manufacturer based on the South Coast of England, in New Milton, Hampshire. Servicing a wide range of sectors, the company has expanded year on year and now offers a bespoke plastic injection design, tooling and moulding service, all under one roof. BEC Group is fiercely proud of its UK manufacturing reputation, proving its quality to clients the world over with suites of both vertical and horizontal moulding machines offering a broad range of solutions.

Bioplastics are plastics made from at least some renewable source with varying degrees of compostability. They can be derived from sources such as sugarcane, soybeans, and straw, amongst many others. Currently accounting for around 2% of the plastic produced globally each year, the bioplastics market is predicted to grow by 11% in the next eight years.

The BEC range includes bioplastics made from raw materials of renewable sources that are compostable (meaning the material converts entirely to non-toxic material such as CO²) either in an at-home composting environment or through industrial compostability in line with the EN 13432 standard.

The range is suitable for plastic injection moulding amongst other manufacturing processes. Despite reservations in some of the injection moulding community, BEC has found bioplastic mouldings to require little machine adjustment from typical thermoplastics and to produce a very similar end product.

Material selection dependent, the range can be used for both single-use and multiple-use applications. Typical applications include enclosures, golfing tees, containers and carrying straps. The range is also appropriate for food contact such as cups and cutlery.

Paul Holland, BEC’s Head of Design and Innovation, commented: “Bioplastic formulations and their compostability have improved enormously over the last few years.

We are therefore delighted to be able to provide our customers with plastic alternatives that are better for the environment whilst maintaining many of the necessary properties of the plastics typically used.

We’re always happy to discuss new specific applications and projects for bioplastics, so feel free to get in touch.”

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