BEC Group Acquires Filter Encapsulation Warehouse as Demand Increases

To keep up with demand and accommodate further filter encapsulation production, BEC Group has secured a lease on a new facility based in the New Forest. The storage will enable BEC to continue designing and manufacturing bespoke filters for various sectors.

The additional space will allow technical moulder BEC to continue designing and manufacturing bespoke filters for the automotive, marine, transport, medical, and food and drink sectors.

BEC specialise in working closely with clients to aid in designing and producing bespoke solutions for unique filter applications. BEC uses the newest mesh technologies and techniques to create filters that keep water clean, air filtered, reduce emissions, and keep engines running.

BEC began encapsulating filters in 1982. In that time, it has worked with major household names, key innovators, and globally renowned R&D teams to produce bespoke metal, mesh, gauze, and plastic filtration units.

In the intervening years, BEC has evolved from producing tumble dryer and kettle filters to building a new factory 30 years ago to expand production and house specialist upright moulding machines to manufacturing thousands of filters every week (many for the automotive industry), even requiring an additional nightshift to keep up with demand. Despite many organisations facing difficulties throughout and post-pandemic, BEC has been fortunate enough to maintain and even increase production- supplying filters to customers across the UK, USA, China, and Europe.

Now project and order quantities have reached such highs that a new storage facility to aid with stockpiling specialist meshes and keeping lead times short has been added.

BEC’s Managing Director Geoff Elvy comments: “The new warehousing facility is an exciting step for BEC; we are so pleased to have weathered the storms faced by UK businesses over the past two years. We have managed to come out the other side in a stronger position to invest and expand the business, keeping the production of cutting-edge filters with innovative organisations.”

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