Benvic Provides Halogen Freedom for the Building Trade

Last year, Benvic entered the market with a new polymer application for the building and electrical industries. The Linkflex HF series, designed for the manufacture of cables and sheathing, contains halogen-free and flame retardant and low smoke zero halogen properties.

Benvic is a European leader in the production of highly innovative thermoplastic solutions and biopolymers. Founded in 1963, Benvic develops, manufactures and markets innovative and highly customised thermoplastic solutions that are used in a wide range of applications.

Environmental considerations continue to drive all manner of markets – building and construction included. Within that particular infrastructure, the growth of electrical installations, telecoms and internet facilities continues to expand.

The Benvic Linkflex HF series of materials has accordingly been created for the manufacture of cables and sheathing that contain halogen-free and flame retardant (HFFR) and low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) properties. These materials bring users into full compliance with the very latest Construction Product Regulations (CPR) currently being implemented in Europe.

The Linkflex HF materials were launched last year and are already gaining market share. Linkflex HF reflects Benvic’s new multi-material status and is based on a polyolefin polymer matrix. Linkflex HF therefore complements Benvic’s strengths and PVC sales channels into the building, construction, and electrical industries. Benvic took particular care to appoint cable design specialists to lead and sustain the Linkflex HF engineering and product development teams.

The mechanical, chemical resistance and climatic characteristics of the new HF materials have also been optimised for flexibility and ease of use in installation and service. Particular care has also been taken to optimise Linkflex HF for cost-effective cable manufacturing, primarily by lowering the amounts of material used while also improving the processing stability.

Benvic’s Linflex HF range is currently based on low voltage applications in buildings and in datacoms and can also be extended to industrial, utilities and heavy-duty applications. Different grades of Linkflex HF are able to cover any basic standard right up to the most stringent regulation, such as Construction Product Regulation (CPR) and other required cable fire performances.

Deployment of high-speed internet and 5G wireless technology will also fuel market growth. Linkflex HF grades are designed with these networks in mind and sheathing the entire range of voltage needs for energy cables, from low to extra-high voltage.

Marc Farras, Managing Director of Benvic Spain, said: “Linkflex HF is great news. Everyone in the building and electrical industries needs to stay ahead of legislation and new regulations such as CPR. The new Linkflex HF materials actually provide more than that, giving customers an opportunity to use a much better material for a very cost-effective price. We are delighted to be selling Linkflex HF in Spain but as well in Europe, wherever our customer needs are.”

Marc Farras
Marc Farras

The new Benvic Linkflex HF teams are now in prime position to customise the new Linkflex HF range for the various needs of specific customers and users. Click here for further details.

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