Benvic Develops Highly Reliable PVC Compound for Pressure Fittings

Water networks need fault-free distribution, and Benvics newly developed IA608 grade provides the peace of mind that makes it so. Benvic’s IA608 grade of PVC for the injection moulding of pressure fittings is MRS 25 certified, guaranteeing decades of perfect service.

Benvic is a European leader in the production of highly innovative thermoplastic solutions and biopolymers. Founded in 1963, Benvic develops, manufactures and markets innovative and highly customised thermoplastic solutions that are used in a wide range of applications.

Water distribution networks are key for our everyday life, ensuring comfort, health and clean and fresh water in the home. Behind the tap, a complex distribution grid lies with pipes, fittings and junctions. Managing such systems without failure and leakage is quite a challenge. For this, fitting manufacturers need to design reliable products that can function for decades under pressure.

For this purpose, specific water standards and certifications such as MRS 25 have been in place in order to ensure functionality for over 50 years at a given pressure. Such isostatic pressure corresponds to a maximum surface stress inside the fitting. With the corresponding safety factors, the level of 25MPa is the acceptance limit given in order to attain the MRS certification.

Water pipe fitting makers must therefore integrate a PVC material that can meet such standards but can also conform to chemical contact compliance with potable water with no emissions permitted whatsoever.

Against this stringent background, Benvic developed the IA608 grade of PVC for the injection moulding of pressure fittings.

Creating our IA608 grade was quite a challenge,” recalls Luca Spetolli, Benvic R&D. “Not only did we need to meet all the technical and legal constraints attached to the water fitting product – but it also needed to be moulded in a material that would stand the test of time for over several decades in use. In addition, our research and development work needed to be ‘right first time’. We were only going to do this once – since new certification processes are prohibitively expensive.”

Benvic’s new pressure fitting grade is comprised of a high molecular weight PVC resin with a high level of stabilisation – REACH friendly.

Luca says, “We have been delighted with the great flexibility shown by the material in plastics processing. We have trialled it on 350T injection moulding machines right up to 1800T machines. We have created mouldings in all kinds of diameters and we have produced shot weights from 100g to 25kg in weight and with cycle times from 3mins till 30mins. IA608 passed everything with flying colours.”

Now, since Benvic’s IA608 has been qualified to the MRS 25 standard, all major pressure fitting manufacturers are now supplying such compounds with satisfaction guaranteed and winning contracts throughout the world.

Benvic continues to anticipate trends and keep a watching brief on matters of regulation and the environment. The REACH legislation, for example, is expected to make sure that if any component is banned, corresponding substitution can be qualified on time and allow the same level of reliability.

Water is essential to human and planetary life. By making a major contribution to effective water distribution – a key challenge in many countries – Benvic is staying close to its charter of engineering solutions to better society and the environment.

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