Multi-Material Benvic Reinvents Itself for the World’s Circular Economy

Benvic, Europe’s leader in PVC compounds and ecological biopolymers, begins 2022 as a fully-fledged multi-material solutions provider, incorporating all manner of polyolefins and new polymers in its portfolio for environmentally conscious industries and consumers.

Following a period of expansion and acquisition, the Benvic business has regrouped its 2,500+ polymer compounds into four main material streams for the 21st century.


PVC compounds remain the historical basis of the company and the newly-launched ProVinyl range of PVC compounds is finding uses in sectors as diverse as packaging, building, electrical and medical. ProVinyl occupies a similar space to engineering polymers in terms of the material’s performance, structure and specification. ProVinyl includes rigid, plasticised and recycled grades and there is a strong commitment to custom-made ProVinyl formulations for sustainable use.


Benvic’s recent purchase of parts of the Celanese site in Ferrara, Italy, provides the manufacturing engine for the second strand of materials – currently named Xtended. These polymers provide polyolefin-based polymer technology for the challenges of complex, mission-critical, or heavy-duty applications in industrial sectors such as food packaging or electrical cables. Benvic’s product lines here are primarily grouped around polypropylene (PP) compounds that contain various specialty additives and fillers. The Ferrara site is also home to Benvic’s portfolio of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs).


Ferrara, Italy, is also the main location for Benvic’s Plantura product line – the third product leg of the company, designing and supplying bio-based and/or compostable polymers for the development of successful eco-designed products and solutions. The Plantura range is very flexible and can be formulated into durable items or can else lead the way in new fields of compostable packaging for consumers and businesses.


Finally, Benvic Medical solutions include all manner of polymer compounds and also medical components such as pipes, tubes, connectors and filters. Benvic offers the medical world a fully integrated and systems-based approach for all its material and product needs.

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These four new groupings reflect the fact that Benvic is not only a compounded materials supplier but is becoming an increasingly ‘forward integrated’ company – incorporating a variety of plastics processing companies into its core activities in manufacturing polymer compounds.

Benvic is also a supplier of niche materials for specialist product sectors, including medical, biopolymers, and self-sanitising polymers, as well as creating materials for stringent uses in the construction and electrical industries.

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