Boddingtons Ready for Business at Interplas 2023

Boddingtons Ready for Business at Interplas 2023

Award-winning injection moulder Boddingtons will use Interplas 2023 to offer various manufacturing services, including fast-track injection moulding via tool transfer and process (re)validation work; design-for-manufacturing services and many other competencies and skills.

Increasingly known for its design and medical moulding expertise, the Kent-based moulder is also one of the UK’s oldest plastics processing businesses with a reputation as a fast turnaround business.

For example, a recent job in the ocular manufacturing market saw Boddingtons achieve a tool transfer order within just one week – from job specification to tool refurbishment to full production at the Marden factory. Another enquiry received at the Paris Pharmapack show in February 2023 was progressed and converted via a reverse engineering of the design, new tooling construction, validation and then full production within two months of the completed tool build.

Chris Philpott and Andy Tibbs will once again manage the Boddingtons sales process on the company’s Interplas 2023 company exhibition stand, September 26-28th.

Chris Philpott says that “our injection moulding fleet of machines – from 50 to 850 tonnes locking force – stand ready to offer any customer a complete array of options, including the potential for Class 7 cleanroom production.”

InTouch Monitoring System

Boddington’s production is now monitored and controlled via a cloud-based system supplied and completed by InTouch. This automates and improves the company’s continuous improvement policies – raising OEE, OTIF and Quality Control metrics to new heights.

The installation of the InTouch system was completed this year, and it is consulted and deployed daily at Boddingtons. Both companies are now the supplier partnership category finalists for the prestigious annual Plastics Industry Awards on November 17th, 2023.

Andy Tibbs notes that Boddingtons has used the recent turbulence in the general business environment to invest in processes and systems for the future: “We have doubled our materials recycling at Marden and, thanks to our sustainable working groups have saved more than £50k annually from our utility bills in heating and lighting.” These measures helped deliver the ISO 140001 environmental certificate this summer – increasingly a must for various OEM-led businesses.

A recent three-way initiative between the company, Intouch and Mouldshop also saw Boddingtons using barrel jacket technology to improve its sustainability profile further and reduce energy consumption in the moulding process. Initial findings indicate that this pilot study will now go company-wide, promising significant and additional long-term savings.


Where appropriate, Boddingtons is supporting ‘reshoring’ measures from its OEM clients – placing tooling orders, for example, in competitive EU country markets and bringing other services. The company’s apprenticeship scheme and policy of home-grown talent continue to prove its worth, with fresh intakes being planned for 2024.

Chris Philpott notes, “Boddingtons is looking forward to resuming our exhibiting role at Interplas and offering all our customers speedy and cost-effective manufacturing services.”

Andy Tibbs adds that “Interplas 2023 also promises to be a great opportunity for our industry to reacquainted with itself and look forward to brighter and better things for 2024. We will be delighted to book in appointments ahead of schedule – or else greet visitors in the hustle and bustle of daily business.”

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