Boddingtons Gains ISO 14001

Boddingtons has gained accreditation to the ISO environmental standard – ISO 14001.

The BS EN IOS 14001:2015 standard is considered as a key enabler and requisite for environmental improvements such as waste reduction, energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint.

Boddingtons Quality Manager Jay Cheema led the related teamwork for 18 months prior. Jay notes, “we have always worked hard at Boddingtons to minimise our environmental impact. Formalising our Environmental Management System in this way was an important business objective for us. Needless to say, we are delighted with the positive outcome and will build upon this for the future.

Jay adds that the certification ‘provides us with formal recognition for the excellent environmental controls and practices we have operated here for many years – playing our part to protect the environment and our futures.’

Commercial and Technical Manager Chris Philpott says “This is a key milestone in our sustainable journey and an important response to the current climate – both business and environmental. We’ve invested heavily in such things as LED lighting to reduce our CO2 emissions, hybrid and electric vehicles for our staff, also targeting waste reduction surrounding our energy usage. All of which supports the forward momentum at Boddingtons, underpinning our futures and helping play our part in a sustainable world for generations to come.

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