Horners’ Bottlemakers Award 2020 Now Open for Entries

The Horners Bottlemakers Award, recognising cutting-edge polymer-based packaging and bottles, is now accepting entries.

Applications of a polymer-based product or ‘package with closure’ are encouraged. Each submission will be judged on its design innovation, commercial potential, UK content and with attention paid to environmental advantages provided.

Last year’s winner Bockatech’s ‘Zero Waste’ Cup won because of its reusable, recyclable and low-cost properties. The ‘Zero Waste’ Cup is the lowest cost insulated and reusable cup available today, made using EcoCore – a new platform technology for injection moulding which underpins low-cost transitions from single-use to reusable packaging.

Speaking of the award, BPF Director-General, Philip Law, said: “The UK continues to show a great deal of technical and creative innovation within plastic packaging and bottle making. The Horners Bottlemakers’ award recognises these achievements and reminds us how valuable such advancements can be to us in our lives, drawing attention to ground-breaking developments in the bottles and containers we all rely upon.

As the award accepts entries of ‘any polymer-based packaging’ with a closure, submissions of the thermoforming, injection moulding, rotational moulding, blow moulding, and other production techniques are welcome.

Winners will be presented their award at the Worshipful Company of Horners’ Annual Banquet at Mansion House in London. The Horners Banquet will take place on 1st October at the Mansion House.

The deadline for the award is 31 July 2020.

Entries for the award can be made online at www.hornersaward.co.uk

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