BPF Releases Free Guide for Plastics Processors Wanting to Achieve Net Zero

Building upon its recent activities assisting plastics processors work towards achieving net zero, the British Plastics Federation (BPF) has made its latest document freely available online: Net Zero for Plastic Processors: A Practical Guide to Delivering Net Zero.

The trade association has already published documents in this area, including the preceding Net Zero Briefing which provided an explanatory overview of net zero, including scope one, two and three emissions. The BPF also hosts a ‘Net Zero Hub’, which brings together a variety of documents and online tools.

With the drive towards achieving net zero of growing importance, not only to mitigate climate change but also to optimise efficiency at a time of volatile raw material and energy costs, the emphasis of the latest guide is on practical advice.

The concise but informative document was written by Dr Robin Kent of Tangram Technology, an expert in energy efficiency in plastics processing and has also written extensively on sustainability issues.

It covers the basics of becoming carbon neutral, using renewable energy, reducing the impact of raw materials, reducing supply chain emissions, and covering other areas where efficiency could be improved. The end of the guide provides the framework to assist in creating an action plan and information about how to conduct a self-assessment to help companies and sites understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Commenting on the release of the document, Robin Kent states, “Achieving net zero is going to become an important topic over the next 30 years. Whilst the plastics processing industry is already ‘electrified’ for most processes, there is still a need to understand what net zero actually means at the practical level. Processors need to know what they can do today to move towards achieving net zero. This document gives this concrete guidance that will allow the plastics processing industry to start the process of decarbonisation.”

Net Zero for Plastic Processors: A Practical Guide to Delivering Net Zero and other resources are available at bpf.co.uk/netzero.

Read more from the BPF here

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