BPF Seminar Explores Latest Developments in Reusable Plastics Packaging

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) is hosting an online, half-day seminar on 12 May called ‘Reusable Plastics Packaging’. The informative event will feature presentations on topics including consumer behaviour and the circular economy, as well as key case studies.

The event will start with a session delivered by Lowelle Bryan, sector specialist – UK Plastics Pact, and Rachel Gray, behaviour change manager at Wrap. The two speakers will provide an overview of the latest developments in reusable plastics packaging. They will be followed by Natasha Maynard, nutrition and scientific affairs manager at IGD, who will provide an overview of the insights and findings of the recent IGD report, which looked at how to get consumers to adopt refill and return packaging solutions and how to influence longer-term behaviour change.

After the presentation from IGD, speakers from the University of Sheffield will present their latest findings. They will explore their work in their ‘living lab’, trialling reusable cups and bowls in university cafes.

The event will then continue with a session from Louise McGregor, head of customer service and support at Zero Waste Scotland. Louise will provide the audience with an exploration of how Zero Waste Scotland perceives the role of reuse in achieving a circular economy, looking at the opportunities in growing this sector but also the challenges.

In the penultimate session, Stephen Clarke, head of communications at Terracycle and Loop Europe, will provide an update on the latest developments and progress in the Loop system. In the final session, Safia Qureshi, managing director at Club Zero, will provide a real-world example of a packaging company using a reusable plastics packaging solution.

BPF Director-General, Philip Law, states: ‘Viable reusable packaging solutions will play a key role in reducing plastic waste in the coming years and offer many opportunities for plastics companies. This event will provide plastics companies, brand owners and sustainability professionals with valuable insights into this rapidly evolving area.’

‘Reusable Plastics Packaging’ will run from 13.30 to 17.00 on 12 May. The event costs £75 + VAT for BPF members and £149 + VAT for non-members.

Full details of this online seminar can be found at bpf.co.uk.


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