BPF Publishes ‘Sustainability Management in Plastics Processing’

BPF Publishes ‘Sustainability Management in Plastics Processing’

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has published a book called Sustainability Management in Plastics Processing: Strategies, Targets, Techniques and Tools. Written by the plastic manufacturing expert Dr Robin Kent of Tangram Technology and supported by BPF Energy, the book covers all the main areas of a product’s lifecycle.

Sustainability Management in Plastics Processing is intended to provide practical guidance to plastics processors, providing them with the knowledge and tools to improve their overall sustainability by showing how improvements can be made in key areas. Spanning over 400 pages, the advice and insights remain accessible and practical while providing an appropriate level of detail for professionals that are serious about finding ways to improve the sustainability of their organisation.

Opening with a detailed introduction to sustainability management, the book then explores how gains can be made by examining management systems, design, raw materials, manufacturing practices, energy use and water use. It also covers establishing a carbon footprint for both sites and products, minimising waste, the use and end-of-life phases for products, social responsibility, and reporting principles and standards.

The author, Dr Robin Kent, states:

“Despite all that is written about sustainability and plastics, there is still a lack of practical information for the plastics processor who wants to improve the sustainability of their business. This book aims to provide plastics processors with the knowledge and tools needed to improve their sustainability and to demonstrate this to the outside world. It shows that sustainability management is not ‘rocket science’, simply good management and engineering with an eye to the long-term effects of our actions.”

BPF Director-General Philip Law adds:

“This is a ‘must-have’ book. It is unique and will stand for some time as the authority on the subject. It is the product of a lifetime’s experience of manufacturing management and the skilful application of sustainability principles to plastics processing. This fundamental manual is so comprehensive in its sweep that its practical guidance will be referred to time and time again by companies in the plastics industry. The BPF is proud to be its publisher and to make it available to the industry as a tool for plastics manufacturers to use in their resolute march towards sustainability.”

Sustainability Management in Plastics Processing is available to buy now at Amazon.co.uk.

Read more from the BPF here.

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