Broadway Offers Unique Hand-Cut Masterbatch

Broadway, a Suffolk-based plastic materials manufacturer, has just launched a new premium product offering; Hand-Cut Masterbatch®.

Broadway’s innovative new product range was introduced by Sales Director Nick Barber at an exclusive launch event in Knightsbridge earlier this week. Barber said: “At Broadway, we always strive for quality, our customers demand it and we’re proud to deliver it.

“Multinational consumer goods companies rely on our masterbatches for use in the packaging of their branded products. Our materials are known for colour accuracy and consistency during production – manufacturing pellets of identical size and shape is key to achieving an even distribution of colour.

Whilst our mechanical pelletisers do a good job, we continually seek improvements wherever possible to ensure our products are always amongst the very best available. One customer measured 1000 of our 3mm pellets and fed back that they’d found pellet variances of between 2.9mm and 3.15mm. After speaking with my fellow directors, we agreed this simply wasn’t good enough, so we trialled an alternative hand-cut pelletising service.

We’ve since recruited 30 new staff to deliver this, with production running 24 hours a day. The initial results have been very positive, with the pellet length variance now down to just 0.05mm. Whilst this has caused a 96.8% drop in production output, we’re certainly delivering the kind of consistency that discerning brand owners demand. They’ll pay the necessary price increases for the highest quality masterbatches. After optimising our process, we’ve managed to reduce the cost per KG to just £394.”

Hand-Cut Masterbatch
Production Manager Chris Gramlick added: “There are certain materials where a pelletiser just won’t cut it – literally! The hand-cut service will allow us to further expand the range of materials we can run. Whilst we can’t yet deliver this service to all customers, it’s great that we can offer it to those that really need it. It’s a further example of Broadway’s desire for innovation.

I was surprised to see how much faster the cutting teams were able to work after we bought them new knives. Initially, we just gave them some butter knives from the canteen, but these didn’t
deliver the results we were hoping for.

“After a successful launch, we’re looking to expand the range with hand-ground roto powders. This product is in the early stages of development – I just bought 100 pestles and mortars yesterday. We’ll need the office team to pitch in with this, but they’re not remotely interested in production. To be honest, I don’t know what they do all day.

Broadway Hand-Cut Masterbatch

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