Bunting Sees Metal Separator Sales Soar

The demand for Bunting’s metal separators increased in 2021 on 2020, with exceptional growth in sales of both Eddy Current Separators and ElectroMax Overband and Suspension Magnets.

Sales growth followed an expansion in representation in overseas markets and increasing manufacturing capacity at Bunting’s Redditch facility in the UK. At the Redditch manufacturing plant, Bunting specialises in the design and manufacture of magnetic separators, electrostatic separators, and metal detectors.

Strong Eddy Current Separator Sales

Sales of Eddy Current Separators grew by 50% in 2021 on 2020.

Eddy Current Separator
Eddy Current Separator for an overseas recycling project

Our range of Eddy Current Separators includes both concentric and eccentric designs, which has proved very important,” explained Adrian Coleman, General Manager of Bunting-Redditch.  “We are also able to conduct controlled material tests in our Recycling Test Centre, often with the customer present. During such tests, we get to understand the material and separation objective, which then enables proposing the optimum solution for any given project.”

The Eddy Current Separators use a high-speed magnetic rotor to separate non-ferrous metals from non-metallic materials. Bunting-Redditch first developed an Eddy Current Separator in the early 1990s. The separation technology has evolved with design optimisation, and Bunting-Redditch is widely regarded as a world-leading supplier. A recent project involves the recovery of aluminium from crushed dross.

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Stronger and Lighter ElectroMax Overband Magnet

Sales of the ElectroMax Overband and Suspension Magnet have grown annually since the launch in 2019. In 2021, sales were over 70% up on 2020.

ElectroMax Overband Magnet
ElectroMax Overband Magnet

The ElectroMax is one of our most successful and innovative new products,” said Adrian. “Feedback from our customers drove the development of the ElectroMax. We took the design of our traditional Electro Overband Magnet and reconfigured the coil and the cooling system to develop a lighter and stronger Overband. This has proven exceptionally popular in mining and recycling applications.”

ElectroMax Magnets sit suspended over conveyors, either across the belt or over the head pulley, and separate ferrous metal from transported non-magnetic materials. The ‘Overband’ design includes a self-cleaning belt to transfer captured metal into a collection area, whilst the ‘Suspension’ model features only the magnet block and requires manual cleaning. Overband and Suspension Magnets are the most commonly used magnetic separators globally, with Bunting-Redditch manufacturing and supplying since the company’s foundation.

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ElectroMax Suspension Magnet
ElectroMax Suspension Magnet

Positive Outlook

During the past two challenging years, our focus has been on investing in our manufacturing facilities and developing our separation technology,” explained Adrian. “This has stimulated our sales growth in 2021 and provides the perfect platform for sustained growth in 2022.”

For further information on Magnetic Separators, Eddy Current Separators, and ElectroStatic Separators for or to discuss a specific project, including undertaking tests in Bunting Redditch’s Customer Experience Centre, use the details listed below to get in touch with the team.

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