CamdenBoss brings Injection Moulding In-House, Supported by ARBURG Ltd

The UK’s leading manufacturer of injection moulded and flat sheet plastic enclosures and e-mech components, CamdenBoss, officially unveiled its new investment in injection moulding capability on 25th October, revealing its four new ARBURG machines at the company’s spacious new premises, the Galaxy Building in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

The new machines, all-electric, demonstrate the company’s commitment to manufacturing in the UK by bringing moulding operations in-house from suppliers in the UK and overseas.

By doing this, the more vertically-integrated company, part of Heathpatch Ltd, has its design, warehousing and manufacturing operations in one location to meet its customers’ varied requirements across electro-mechanical components, flat sheet plastic custom enclosures and now injection moulded enclosures.

The decision to create a new moulding facility from scratch was driven by the various efficiencies this could bring and CamdenBoss’s desire to be a more independent and integrated manufacturing company. Katy Davies, Managing Director of CamdenBoss, said, “CamdenBoss has been committed to repatriating its injection moulding to the UK for several years, and this investment takes us to the next level of producing as much as possible as locally as possible to support our growing customer base efficiently, effectively and with greater resilience. It also allows us to develop the skills of our people through apprenticeships while cementing our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Arburg On-Site

The new machine inventory includes robot systems for material handling and comprises one ARBURG 570 A 2000 – 800 ALLDRIVE 200-tonne modular electric machine fitted with a 6kg MULTILIFT Select robot system; two ARBURG 370 A 600 – 170  ALLDRIVE 60-tonne modular electric machines, both fitted with Integral picker V’s (IPV), and one ARBURG 470 A 1000 – 400 100 tonne modular electric machine, which is fitted with a 6kg MULTILIFT Select robot system. Each machine is specified to meet CamdenBoss’ requirements and from Arburg’s energy-efficient electric ALLDRIVE range of machines. The automation systems are all integrated and controlled by the machines’ SELOGICA ND controllers.

We are delighted to support CamdenBoss as they bring injection moulding capability in-house at their Mildenhall site,” says ARBURG Ltd. managing director Colin Tirel. “Setting up new mould shops is always exciting and satisfying, and working towards a long-term relationship is what it is all about.

“Bringing new capabilities in-house is a great sign of the company’s confidence in their abilities and customer base, so that’s a positive sign in these challenging times.

He added: “Choosing Arburg as its sole IMM solution reflects the confidence the team at CamdenBoss have in Arburg. We worked closely with them and supported the team there all the way through, from the initial specifying of the equipment, through to installation and start-up to ensure there was a smooth introduction.

CamdenBoss selected the latest electric Arburg equipment, which, along with the company’s recent investment in solar power and lower transport mileage by manufacturing on-site, significantly reduces the carbon footprint of its operations and accelerates CamdenBoss’ transition to net zero.

Going Electric

All-electric machines typically consume less energy than hydraulic machines on a like-for-like set-up and running cycle times. But many variables are involved in machine selection, allowing for some set-ups, cycle times, machinery age etc; servo-hydraulic machines can be more suited to the process.

Choosing all-electric machines reflects an increasing trend that more customers are looking at reducing energy consumption,” said Colin Tirel. “Arburg supplies electric, servo-hydraulic and hybrid machines. It is always important to discuss and offer the most appropriate technology against their requirements before deciding which technology suits the customer’s requirements the best. We are delighted that CamdenBoss chose ARBURG to be its partner.

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