Central Scanning Offers Rental Route into 3D Scanning Technology

Companies are often wary of investing in new 3D technology. According to Alex Chung of Central Scanning, this is commonly due to worries over low client uptake or technology becoming outdated. A new initiative from Central Scanning aims to ease these concerns, allowing customers to access state-of-the-art technology and expert guidance, on a rental basis.

3D scanning has an element of ‘fear of missing out’ as companies look at competitors investing, but are wary of committing themselves due to worries over low uptake with their existing clients, the need to skill up and the risk of acquiring technology that might be obsolete before it returns your investment. Sometimes companies are faced with the classic ‘chicken and egg’ scenario. You can see the potential in the technology, but need to prove the concept to a few key customers before you have the confidence to invest in 3D scanning longer term.

To answer this conundrum, Central Scanning offers contract 3D scanning as a service, as well as offering scanner rental and training, allowing clients to offer cutting-edge 3D services, without the associated risk.

3D Scanning as a Service

Central Scanning is constantly updating its capabilities to remain on the cutting edge of the latest 3D technology, and its facility allows for sub-millimetre precision.

Perhaps projects requiring a 3D scanner arise only once or twice a year, making it difficult to justify a full purchase. However, adding state-of-the-art 3d scanning technologies to your companies’ offering is as simple as giving Central Scanning a call. Costs start from as little as £150 to gain access to 3D scanning technology.

Central Scanning can also visit your site, and perform and manage the scanning process for your project themselves. Prices start from £1000 per day.

There is a wide range of applications for 3D scanning, including 3D Modelling, Animation, comparison to CAD and 3D Printing. Due to the speed, accuracy and high-quality results that 3D Scanning Systems offer, they are now being used widely as an industry standard, for an ever-growing range of industry sectors, such as Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Industry, R&D, Archaeology, Sculpture/Arts, Medical, Animation, Film, Toolmaking, and Product Design/Development.

A peek into the diverse world of 3D scanning. Left: Scanning of a live model used in the creation of a D-Day memorial garden. Centre: Work with academic groups to create custom tags for monitoring marine life. Right: Helping the BBC bring the past to life, creating Virtual and Augmented reality experiences.

Scanner Rental – Seeding the Market, Promoting Innovation

Central Scanning has helped many clients break into new markets, by offering a rental service to trial for a project or to attract new clients by increasing their offerings. The most popular rental scanner is the Artec EVA (pictured), and for good reason.

Rental KitThe Artec Eva and Artec Eva Lite are among the most popular 3D scanners on the market. Highly portable and boasting structured light scanning technology, Eva and Eva Lite give fine detail with high accuracy.

The full-fledged Artec Eva 3D scanner features geometry and texture tracking for full-colour scanning. The Artec Eva is widely considered the market leader in handheld 3D scanning equipment and was used to produce the first 3D portrait of a US president when Barack Obama was scanned in 2014.

Artec Eva Lite is the entry-level version that provides a 3D scanning solution suitable for budget-conscious customers such as public bodies, the healthcare or educational sectors, or individuals. The Eva Lite does not capture colour nor texture; so it’s ideal for organic 3D scanning where texture is not required.

At £1,200 (ex VAT) for a week’s rental of the Artec EVA, with training included, this provides an affordable route into the technology with the additional help, guidance and expertise of Central Scanning to support you.

These rental projects often prove highly successful, and when end-users and their peers catch wind of the innovative processes, will start to enquire further. Suddenly from one project, you could have enough additional projects in the pipeline requiring the same technologies and have a business case to acquire your own 3D scanning capabilities or forge a long-term relationship with Central Scanning with repeated rentals!

If you have an idea, a project, or would like more information about any aspect of 3D scanning, 3D printing, reserve engineering or digital inspection, contact Central Scanning on 01527 558282, or via email at info@central-scanning.co.uk.

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