The Collaboration Between Bausano and Wintech Revolutionises the Recycling of Polluting or Non-Homogeneous Plastic Waste Materials

The collaboration between Bausano – an international leading player in the design and production of customised extrusion lines for plastics processing – and Wintech – a company specialising in the construction of rotary injection moulding machines – gives rise to a revolutionary solution capable of meeting the challenge of recycling polluting or non-homogeneous plastic waste materials.

In 2022, Italy recorded a collection of 316,000 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), so regeneration is strategically important to recover raw materials that are difficult to find today and to protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Aware of the difficulty of dealing with such materials, which require cleaning prior to reuse, Bausano continues to invest in creating a technology capable of reintroducing plastic waste into a valuable production cycle”, says Marco Masiero, R&D – Test Engineer of the company, who continues, “This is, in fact, a further step forward with regard to non-homogeneous or highly polluting waste, which is outside the standard channels of the circular economy”.

Within this framework, the partnership launched between Bausano and Wintech fits, a winning synergy to propose an innovative process for recovering WEEE waste, otherwise destined for landfill or waste-to-energy. In particular, the two companies expertise saw the integration of the Wintech injection system with a state-of-the-art extruder from Bausano to manufacture everyday objects without any waste pre-treatment.

Concretely, the process sees an initial phase of plastic waste processing by the Bausano twin-screw extruder, which creates a state of homogeneity of the melt and optimal participation so that the material can be injected into the Wintech mould. Bausano’s intuition is translated into a technology capable of totally eliminating residual moisture and any volatile compounds, thanks to an efficient and proven degassing system.

The product is cooled in a multi-station carousel post-injection to ensure high piece/hour productivity. The latter is a crucial factor to be evaluated during the design phase, along with the type of Bausano extruder, the volume of the injection barrel, the type of raw material to be processed and the output size.

The well-established know-how of the Bausano and Wintech experts makes the machines fully customisable. It allows optimisation of the moulding process to the benefit of superior quality of the finished product: from small formats, such as tiles, to large items, such as floor mats, bumps or even bases for signs and road barriers. Finally, thanks to the patented Multidrive transmission system and the patent-pending induction heating system, it can also reduce energy consumption by 30-35%.

A project under the banner of the circular economy for a totally integrated and extremely efficient and reliable plant, capable of transforming waste into a new, 100% sustainable product”, says Marco Masiero, R&D – Test Engineer at Bausano, who concludes, “To the question of whether it is possible to recycle waste materials, Bausano responds with facts, with a system that gives new life to this difficult-to-recover waste”.

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