Colour Tone Masterbatch Launch New Vynacol Economy Grade Black Masterbatch

In response to the increasing amount of post-consumer PVCu being recycled back into new products, Colour Tone Masterbatch have added a new economy grade black masterbatch to their market leading Vynacol range.

PVC Black 95939 combines good colour and masking strength and is particularly suitable for cost-sensitive applications, especially building and construction products.

Recent advances in the recycling of PVCu have created a demand for a black colourant that can be added to recycled PVCu (specifically sources containing large percentages of white) at high loadings without compatibility issues. Colour Tone’s Technical Director Kevin Morgan explains,

“Compatibility is never an issue with Vynacol, in extreme cases, we have had processors dosing at over 10% with no problems! This new black masterbatch provides an effective, cost-effective option for the recycling of PVCu, increasing potential applications for the re-use of this valuable resource.”

Colour Tone is recognised as an innovative masterbatch supplier that focuses on delivering a responsive, high-quality service for bespoke colours, in universal, commodity and engineering polymers, as well as custom additive blends.

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