Colourmaster NIP Ltd Adds ISO14001 Accreditation to ISO9001:2015

Following a successful audit by Citation, Colourmaster NIP Ltd are proud to announce they are now accredited to ISO14001. This goes alongside ISO9001:2015 which they have held for several years.

Accreditation to ISO14001 gives Colourmaster formal recognition of their commitment to continuous environmental improvements such as waste reduction, energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. A good example of this commitment is Colourmaster’s regular donations to the environmental charity Ecologi which has resulted in over 1,800 trees being planted to date on Colourmaster’s behalf.

As James Ruddy Managing Director, comments: “Our Team is extremely proud to have achieved ISO14001 accreditation at the first attempt. Operating in the plastics industry, we have always been conscious of our carbon footprint and the need for an effective environmental management system. For several years now we have been focused on opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible. Gaining ISO14001 certification affirms the efforts we have made “.

Colourmaster, who are celebrating 50 years in business this year, has grown to be one of the most recognisable names in the UK plastics industry for the distribution of coloured masterbatch.
Although coloured masterbatch is a key product for Colourmaster, the company offers much more. Products on offer now include raw materials, a wide range of additives and a unique masterbatch which makes traditional plastics biodegradable.

The key product supplied is Omnicolor™ Multipurpose Colorants from Avient. Known as the market-leading universal masterbatch, Omnicolor™ boasts a range of over 200 colours as standard. These are kept in stock by Colourmaster and are available for next-day delivery in large or small quantities. Where Omnicolor™ does not fit the bill, bespoke colours can be offered. These can come in a variety of carrier resins and be matched in a short period of time.

Colourmaster also stocks BioSphere biodegradable additive. Manufactured in the USA, BioSphere is a unique additive which, when added to almost any traditional plastic, makes it highly biodegradable. Originally designed for products which will end life in landfill, it also works in both compost and marine environments, leaving behind biomass with no microplastics. Its low addition rate, of 1%, and competitive pricing make it a cost-effective solution for biodegradable plastics.

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