CyTec Systems UK Unveils Innovative Mechanical Lifter and Double Ejection System for AHP Merkle

CyTec Systems UK, a pioneer in mould and toolmaking technology, is delighted to announce the launch of two groundbreaking products developed in collaboration with AHP Merkle: the Mechanical Chain Lifter (MCL) and the Double Ejection System.

The Mechanical Chain Lifter, or MCL, represents a significant advancement in the industry. Operating entirely mechanically and devoid of springs, this system provides a reliable and efficient solution for handling undercuts in moulds. Its complete mechanical design not only ensures robust performance but also eliminates the common issues associated with spring steel products. Additionally, the MCL boasts an unlimited ejection stroke, setting it apart from other mechanical solutions in the market.

In a parallel innovation, AHP Merkle now introduces a two-stage ejector system in its product line. This system is adept at handling double ejection plates, both together and apart, and features synchronised plate ejection. This addition marks a significant step forward in versatility and functionality in mould technology.

To provide a comprehensive understanding of these innovations, a detailed catalogue is available for download at AHP Merkle Catalogue. Full CAD details are also available upon request, offering an in-depth insight into the technical aspects of these products.

CyTec Systems UK invites interested parties to get in touch for more information on these revolutionary products. Experts are on hand to discuss how these new developments can enhance manufacturing processes and offer tailored solutions to meet unique industry needs.

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