D W Plastics Ltd Announces Expansion and Continued Success in the Plastic Extrusion Industry

D W Plastics Ltd, a leader in the UK’s bespoke thermoplastic extrusion profile industry, is proud to announce its recent expansion into an adjacent facility at the Terminus Road Industrial Estate in Chichester.

This move marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth and commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to customers worldwide.

Since its inception in 1980, D W Plastics has earned an excellent reputation for manufacturing and supporting clients with complex and innovative plastic extrusion products. The company has shown considerable resilience and reliability, providing customers with sustained extrusion design and manufacturing services over four decades.

D W Plastics specialises in producing high-quality products, such as building profiles, plumbing products, office partitioning, ceiling panelling, skirting, synthetic decking, safety, and DIY products. The company’s success in the industry is attributed to its ability to adapt to changes and challenges in the marketplace while staying ahead of new developments in plastic extrusion technology.

The additional premises will play a crucial role in the company’s sustainable expansion strategy. The new space will allow for restructuring work processes, additional storage, and production facilities. Thus alleviating congestion in factory areas, and providing more spacious rest areas and facilities for staff.

D W Plastics is dedicated to delivering the best possible products and services to our customers,” said Sue Burley, Managing Director. “This expansion allows us to continue implementing our growth plans while remaining in our current location, making it easier for our team to focus on serving our customers.

For more information about D W Plastics Ltd, please visit https://dwplastics.co.uk

D W Plastics Ltd
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