Donite Plastics Announces New Partnership with Multihog

Ireland’s leading industrial thermoforming company, Donite Plastics, has announced a new partnership with Dundalk-based firm, Multihog, to manufacture parts for multi-purpose tractors.

Servicing airports, municipalities and contractors, Multihog has a range of global customers and chose to partner with Donite Plastics to work on their newly refreshed MX and MXC stage five machines due to the company’s experience and expertise in the agri-tech sector.

Donite Plastics’ Sales Manager, Michael Barton, explained: “The products that we manufacture for Multihog are very closely aligned to the parts we supply to our customers in the agri-tech sector and it’s our knowledge of this sector that has stood our partnership with Multihog in such good stead.

Our team worked closely with Multihog’s engineers during the design, prototype and testing phases which helped to introduce the new machines into the marketplace within a rapid turnaround time.”

Donite Plastics & Multihog: Tractor

Previously, the machines’ panels were made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP); however, as part of the new design, Multihog moved towards thermoformed products, commonly known as vacuum forming, due to the number of advantages presented by the process.

Michael continued: “Thermoformed products come with a wealth of benefits. Donite Plastics has been manufacturing thermoformed products for around 20 years and there are a few reasons why we believe so highly in this process.

Firstly, thermoformed products are strong, robust, and can stand the test of time, saving our customers a lot of money in the long run.

Thermoformed products also give our customers complete design freedom. You can form incredibly detailed shapes, logos and text with a variety of colours and finishes, all to suit a company’s specific branding.

In terms of sustainability, thermoformed products are also lightweight, which leads to decreased fuel consumption making machines less expensive to run for our customers and less harmful to the planet.

“During a time when more and more companies are becoming environmentally conscious, thermoformed products are a fantastic sustainable solution.”

Sam Hampshire, R&D Manager at Multihog, added: “We were delighted to work alongside the innovative and talented team at Donite Plastics for our remodelled MX and MXC machines.

We strive to provide the best quality products for our customers, and to partner with a manufacturing company that also shares this ethos ensured that we not only have great products, but we had support from an excellent team as well.

We are confident that the MX and MXC machines will meet and indeed exceed our customers’ needs and requirements.”

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