Dual Metallising Acquires Second Facility

Earlier this year, David Hipkiss completed a management buyout for two metallising companies based in the UK, bringing both sites, Dual Metallising Birmingham and Chester, under new management as part of The Hipkiss Group.

Director David Hipkiss has expanded the capabilities of Dual Metallising with the acquisition of Roma Metallising, now known as Dual Metallising Chester.

Dual Metallising was established in 1982 and specialises in vacuum metalising, plastic injection moulding and spray painting for various industries, including automotive, lighting, and point of sale. The company operates from its 8500 sq ft factory in Birmingham and welcomes potential clients for a site tour to demonstrate the benefits of its innovative manufacturing processes. Dual Metallising can provide different finishes for large production quantities, down to single items. With both moulding and finishing systems in-house, clients can receive a start-to-finish service from two trusted locations — with Dual Metallising Birmingham now the HQ.

Roma Metallising, now known as Dual Metallising Chester, has been operating for over 20 years, developing expertise in vacuum metallising, automated paint and lacquer spraying. The main focus for Dual Metallising Chester is within the packaging, point of sale and automotive industries, creating a wide range of colour finishes.

Both factories have their specialisms developed over many years in the industry and can pool their knowledge and resources together, making the company, as a whole, more skilled and resilient. With the help of its excellent team members from both sites, the duo of companies can help with any project that requires vacuum metallising from large numbers to one-off projects.

Visit www.dual-metallising.co.uk for more information, or get in touch with the Dual Metallising team using the contact details listed below.

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