Precise and Easy Control with HASCO Control Units

Temperature control has a major influence on the quality of the mouldings. For around 35 years now, HASCO hot runner has been intensively involved in the further development of hot runner control units and offers a variety of different units for customised applications.

Basezone H1250/…  

 The basic control unit H1250/…, available in 1, 2 and 4 control zones, allows a high level of reliability in production. This reliability is ensured by the improved, self-optimising control characteristics, soft-start mode and LED displays for target/actual temperature, control parameters and an unambiguous alarm diagnosis. This device stands out for its simplicity, being designed as a plug-and-play controller and dispensing with additional features. It merely has the classic boost and stand-by functions and the possibility to switch over to manual mode.

Clickzone H1270/… 

The module controller H1270/… allows 3-6 modular units to be fitted. Self-optimising control characteristics, a soft start for gentle drying of the heating unit, LED displays for target/actual temperature, control parameters and reliable error messages are some of the features of this controller. A two-colour LED strip shows the operating status. For flexible injection moulding production, the controller can also be replaced quickly and easily if necessary during operation.

Valuezone H1252/…  

The multi-zone control units H1252/… are available in two versions with 6 and 12 control zones. A programmable soft start, a constant power display, unambiguous alarm diagnosis and permanent signalisation of the operating state via an LED strip ensure maximum reliability in production. The control accuracy of <1 °C under optimum conditions and switch-over temperature sensor are further features.

Primezone H1281/…   

With the new generation of innovative control units, Primezone H1281/…, HASCO hot runner has made an important addition to its hot runner product portfolio. This range boasts outstanding control accuracy, intuitive ease of operation and comprehensive diagnostic functions. The touch-screen display and the latest software technology enables simple and intuitive operation just like a modern smartphone. With the three table-top sizes, it is possible to control between 6 and 48 zones precisely and reliably and, with the mobile version, between 64 and 96 zones.

All the control units allow a high level of production reliability and offer unique user friendliness, control accuracy and long service life. Apart from that, the new, smooth-running Co-Cart H1200/… transport trolley from HASCO hot runner allows perfect and secure positioning of the devices directly next to the mould.

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