Electrical Upgrades Boost Productivity & Efficiency at IPL Brightgreen

Electrical Upgrades Boost Productivity & Efficiency at IPL Brightgreen

IPL Brightgreen has immediate capacity available due to the recent expansion at its UK reprocessing plant. After a recent investment in electricity upgrades, the leading plastics recycler has boosted productivity with new and innovative working methodologies.

IPL Brightgreen was formed in 2021, when IPL Global acquired Yorkshire-based recycling company Bright Green Plastics. Using world-class recycling processes, IPL Brightgreen turns used plastic back into a high quality raw material for producers, recycling and supplying a wide range of both consumer and commercial clients.

Following upgraded electricity infrastructure and improvements at its site in Castleford, West Yorkshire, IPL Brightgtreen has enhanced its operational capabilities, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply to support manufacturing processes.

Having readily available materials like PP (Polypropylene) and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) the company is well-stocked for increased productivity and efficiency as 2024 gets underway.

Pairing this upgrade with innovative work approaches and integrating cutting-edge techniques, IPL Brightgreen has streamlined production, improved quality, and reduced resource consumption.

With PP and HDPE materials on hand, there’s an opportunity to capitalise on these resources for various product lines or explore new avenues for production. Both materials are versatile and widely used across industries, offering flexibility in manufacturing different products, from packaging materials to automotive components.

The immediate capacity availability proves that IPL Brightgreen is well-prepared to promptly meet market demands, respond swiftly to client needs, and explore new partnerships or markets with expanded capabilities. It is opening doors to develop more sustainable products and eco-friendly manufacturing processes and align with the global push for greener solutions.

Our readiness with enhanced capacity and material availability signifies a new phase for our company;” says Nicola Taylor, Head of Sales & Logistics.  “We are poised for growth in this competitive landscape.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch at nicola.taylor@iplglobal.com or magdalena.parish@iplglobal.com.



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