ELTEC Launch Free Compressed Air Leak Survey

ELTEC are a leading service provider in identifying and reducing wasted energy, specialising in the plastics processing industry.

To encourage companies to get a better understanding of the cost of air leaks, ELTEC are offering a free compressed air leak survey to companies if ELTEC are unable to identify sufficient compressed air leaks to cover the cost of a full survey.

ELTEC have been identifying waste energy within the plastics industry since 2012, and during that time over £5m worth of wasted energy has been identified. Their new website demonstrates the various ways they can do this and the savings businesses can hope to benefit from. In a recent routine find-and-fix survey for a major plastics business, they were able to identify 45 leaks – 32 fixed on the spot for an immediate £5k/year saving and 13 requiring replacement parts for a further £6k/ year saving.

Visit http://www.eltec.co.uk or contact ELTEC on the below details for more information.
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07961 033715 / 01673 828614

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