Emerson Launches Unique Heat Staking Technology

Emerson has introduced new heat staking technology designed to give manufacturers greater design freedom by enabling them to join more complex, delicate and sensitive components to plastic mouldings.

Using a unique pulse staking technology that optimises the heat staking process, the Branson™ GPX platform produces high-quality joins, superior product aesthetics and energy savings in increasingly challenging applications.

Electronics, automotive and medical device manufacturers must produce more creative designs to meet rapidly changing market demand. This has led to an increase in challenging heat staking applications involving parts with more complex 3D geometries, closely aligned features and fragile or heat-sensitive components, such as soldered components or sensors and using a greater number of blended, glass-reinforced, chromed and metallised plastics.

The Branson GPX platform uses PulseStaker technology to provide instantaneous heating and cooling, with adjustable cycle times for optimised, low-energy heat staking. The process creates no particulates or burn marks and enables more delicate and sensitive parts, such as those with embedded electronics, to be joined with consistently high-performance finishes.

The advanced technology is suitable for all heat staking applications, including those with thermoplastic materials and metallised coated parts. A wide range of heat staking tip designs can be adapted to meet any stake welding requirement. Plus, the ability to stake multiple points simultaneously provides manufacturers with greater design freedom.

The automotive, electronics and medical industries require more complex, delicate and sensitive components to be joined to plastic mouldings,” said Priyank Kishor, Global Product Manager for Branson products at Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “The unique heat staking process that the Branson GPX platform provides helps to meet this demand and offers manufacturers a broad range of benefits, such as superior product aesthetics and reduced energy use.”

For more information on the Branson GPX platform, visit www.Emerson.com/Branson. Click here to read more articles from Emerson.

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