Emerson’s New Laser Welder Enhances Manufacturing Capabilities

Emerson has launched a new laser welder platform that provides high-mix and batch manufacturers of plastic components with greater production capability without compromising product quality or performance.

The Branson™ GL-300 is a highly flexible quasi-simultaneous plastic joining solution designed to deliver efficient, high-quality welds in a wide range of applications and help manufacturers to increase production efficiency.

Manufacturers increasingly need machines and processes that can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to changing production demands and specifications. For low volume, high-mix manufacturers especially, flexible welding solutions that allow faster production start-up provide a critical advantage. The Branson GL platform meets this need by combining highly efficient and accurate welds with cost-effective and easy-to-change tooling that enables faster set-up and adjustment for changing product specifications.

Manufacturing capability is further enhanced by a range of unique features, including a high-quality scanning system, easy-to-use HMI, large (300mm x 300mm) weld area, multiple weld modes, variable spot size as low as 0.5mm, and an adjustable laser power source height. These enable the Branson GL-300 to support applications with different materials, application sizes, and production speeds.

For batch manufacturers looking for more efficient production processes, quasi-simultaneous laser welders provide a very flexible, cost-effective joining solution,” said Priyank Kishor, Global Product Manager for Branson products at Emerson’s Automation Solutions Business. “The Branson GL-300 extends this flexibility by enabling the assembly of a broader range of components, helping to increase manufacturing capability and profitability.”

For more information about the latest Branson welding solutions, visit Emerson.com/Branson. Click here to read more articles from Emerson.

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