ENGEL Service Level Agreements Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

ENGEL Service Level Agreements improve transparency, plannability and cost control in after-sales service. Customers benefit from a holistic service approach and significantly higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The more complex the production cells, the more confusing the range of services often becomes. ENGEL puts an end to this. The declared objective is reducing complexity. In after-sales, this is achieved by bundling all essential and useful services in a single contract with a fixed price. In order to set up the framework agreement, the Service Level Agreement, ENGEL analyses the needs, the specific requirements and the individual wishes in collaboration with the customer. Each customer is given a tailored Service Level Agreement.

The contract components can include, for example: remote maintenance tools such as e connect.24 and e-connect.expert view for fast online support, tools for condition-based preventive maintenance from the e-connect.monitor program, the protect plant protection package, agreements on the availability and response times of service technicians, and training for operating and maintenance personnel.

Roadmap for the maintenance year

The Service Level Agreement is a kind of roadmap for the entire maintenance and service year. The contract helps processors keep track of events, plan ahead of time, not miss any actions, and put their own resources to better use. As a result, the production cell availability, machine performance and product quality increase. According to analyses by ENGEL, up to 20 percent higher OEE can be achieved.

Within the framework of a Service Level Agreement, ENGEL takes responsibility for implementing and documenting the service activities agreed in the contract.

The services included in the Service Level Agreement and their scope are evaluated at regular intervals in collaboration with the customer and adapted where needed. This is the ENGEL response to dynamic developments in injection moulding operations.

With its global network of in-house process experts and service technicians, ENGEL offers services which are precisely tailored to the individual requirements of its customers all over the world. This punch-packing base is made up of more than 80 service subsidiaries and representatives with a service support centre, more than 720 service technicians and more than 90 highly qualified, in-house ENGEL hotline employees.


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