ENGEL UK Fundraiser for Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

On Thursday 10th March, ENGEL UK team members Krzysztof Bruski and Chris Stafford will fly to Poland for 5 days to provide support to Ukrainian refugees affected by the current crisis. ENGEL UK has already donated £5,000 to kickstart the initiative and is asking for further support via its GoFundMe page.

Krzysztof and Chris will depart the UK this Thursday, to commence ENGEL UK’s contribution to the huge amount of aid that Poland is supplying to the Ukrainian refugees following the conflict in the region.

As a Polish native, Krzysztof will be providing both the necessary language skills and the geographical knowledge of the areas around the main refugee distribution centres. The duo plan to visit centres in Rzeszow, Przemysl, Ustrzyki Dolne and Hrubieszow to determine the most vital needs of those affected, and then plan to use the money raised to purchase and distribute the most in-demand items to the aid centres.

ENGEL UK has already donated £5,000 to kickstart the initiative, and ENGEL UK Managing Director Nigel Baker and his team hope that many colleagues, customers and OEMs will be able to join them by donating money via a secure GoFundMe page.

The fundraising page has been set up by ENGEL UK’s Rebecca Chand and can be accessed at the following link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/engel-uk-help-ukraine 

For the campaign to be a success, ENGEL stresses the need for any money to be donated as soon as possible, so Krzysztof and Chris can put it to use before they return from Poland. Any balance left after their return will instead be donated to major humanitarian charities supporting Ukraine.

Please share the funding page widely, to increase the reach and hopefully the amount of money raised, to provide the most needed items to the vulnerable victims fleeing the crisis in Ukraine. Thank you.

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