Flying the KIT at Plastics Live

KIT Electroheat, specialising in heater bands, cartridge heaters and thermocouples for the plastics industry, has joined the impressive list of exhibitors at Plastics Live, which will take place from July 5-6 in Coventry.

The company is also an OEM supplier to a number of major European injection moulding, extrusion, and thermoforming machine manufacturers. Alongside its stock program, KIT can manufacture bespoke items to individual needs.

Graham Wordsworth, Area Sales Manager, said: “We feel that it is important as a major OEM to plastics machinery that we are visible, and exhibitions like Plastics Live are one way of achieving this. We would encourage you to come and chat with us on our booth at the event and let us introduce who we are and see if we can support you moving forward.

Whether you voted to stay in or out of the EU, there is no doubt that changes have happened. This coinciding with the pandemic means that the plastic industry — alongside all other industries — has an opportunity to change how they work. Hopefully, being adaptable to this and maybe doing things a little differently will bring all kinds of opportunities.”

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Plastics Live
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